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Week One: 29.02

The first week of Professional Experience 3: Integrating Learning Technologies (PE3) was interesting, different and unexpected. It does not appear to be like PE2 or PE1. It is focusing more on the tools that we as teachers have access to, rather than classroom management. I feel that this will be useful to us when we enter our third prac, future pracs and then when we enter our careers as teachers. Watching the DVD of Global Transformation in Education highlighted that the introduction and concepts of technology in schools/classrooms wasn’t a sudden advancement. It happened gradually, but in a short time frame. 

This DVD also showed me that we must teach students how to research, rather than just the information. Being able to research and be in control of their own research gives students more freedom and skills to ‘survive’ the dynamic and modern world in which technology is a main contributing factor in. 

I feel that this subject will be extremely benefitial for me as a student, as well as a teacher. It has, already in the first week, been able to show me websites and resources that I never knew existed (one of these being blogging!). I think I will thoroughly enjoy this subject and I am looking forward to next week. I do hope, however, that we are given more detail about our up coming assignment, being that of E-Learning Resource Analysis


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