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Week Two: 07.03

The second week of PE3 was more engaging than the last. I found it more engaging and practical, as I feel I would be able to use the information received in a classroom setting.

Learning about the TPACK model opened my eyes and ideas about technology and how it can greatly assist in the learning process in a Primary School classroom. Initially, I saw technology as a negative aspect of education, as students are given less writing time and may not develop correct writing skills due to the major influence of technology. However, in this tutorial, I learnt that technology must not take away from classroom teaching, but it is an excellent tool to supplement and support learning. Through combining content, pedagogy and technology, I feel that students are able to have a more rich learning experience in all Key Learning Areas (KLA). 

This week’s Literature Circle was another ‘eye-opener’, as it highlighted the various ways software within technology can be used to teach students more, enhancing their learning and the learning process. Roblyer, M (2006). Teaching with instructional Software. In M. Roblyer (Ed.) Integrating Educational technology into teaching. (4th ed.) Merrill. Prentice Hall. Columbus, Ohio. Chaper 3, questioned technology and teaching strategies that allowed me to think more about the use of technology in teaching. Roblyer (2006) asked “If computer programs can be created to do essentially anything, why not program computers to teach?” This insightful question highlighted that using computers and other new technologies, such as Apple products (i-pad, i-phone, i-pod, etc) and the internet, will assist teachers greatly. Teachers are now able to get students to reflect on lessons and concepts through blogging, reinforce concepts through educational games such as Maths Invaders or Ttaps, or even teach a completely new concept using interactive whiteboards to allow the students to become fully involved in lessons. 

This lesson in PE3 was extremely helpful and is beginning to change my perception on the use of technology in a classroom. 


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