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I was going through some of my fellow classmates blogs, and I came across one for a girl in my class. Her statement got me thinking. She wrote that “Teachers who can successfully integrate blogging into the classroom in a structured and rich way are overcoming their aversion to emerging technologies and helping students to gain the most from their schooling experiences.”I completely with this statement, as I believe that teachers must be open to the new technologies that are being created for the wider community and the amazing technologies being created for the classroom. These include Smartboards, computers, i-Pads and Mac computers, as well as other items not thought of such as calculators. The statement by my classmate highlights this remarkable well. Teachers need to be open to new ways of communicating with their students, their students parents and the wider community. Blogging is an excellent way to do this, and teachers who adapt this new concept will allow their students to, as my classmate stated, gain the most out of their schooling experience. 


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