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Week Four: 21.03

When I was in Primary School (an awfully long time ago!), we had a portfolio. A few times a term, my teacher would inform us that we would be doing some ‘portfolio work’. We worked, that work would go to our portfolio, the teacher would select some items to show improvements and assessments and then the portfolio would be sent home for our parents to read. That is what I thought portfolio’s were, that is what I thought their purpose was, and that is how I though they were created. 

After todays class, once again, my views have changed. This weeks reading discussed E-Portfolios, being that of an electronic portfolio. This, I learnt, allows the resources within the folio to be easily accessed by parents, students, teachers, and can be seen by others without having to send a hard copy. Barrett (2010) states that “the key aspect of an e-portfolio is…reflection on the evidence“.

I learnt that there is a new and modern way of approaching portfolios. This can be done through E-Portfolios or by hard copies. It is being encouraged that teachers allow students to have more of an input into work that goes into their portfolio. This will give the students more power and pride in their work, and may increase their desire to perform to a higher standard within the classroom. 

In our class, it was said that E-portfolios allow for collaboration and integration of students work, more so than hard portfolios, as they can be edited and are easily accessible and portable. It also allows students to reflect upon their work, which both Barrett (2010) and my tutor said was an extremely important aspect of portfolios. Folios must show student progression, and should not only show the best work of the student. It must show the students “efforts, progress and achievements” (Northwest Evaluation Association, 1990). Teachers should also create a set of criteria for students to follow when creating and choosing works to be included in their portfolio. This will make sure that students who favour a particular KLA, such as art, do not have a portfolio full of art work and little of anything else!! That would not make for a portfolio that showed progress in a students work!!!!!

This class, once again, has changed my perceptions on technology. I have a better understanding of how to assess students and track their progression throughout a year. I believe that E-portfolios are the best way to log and account for students work and assessment. It keeps it in a neat and ordered fashion, and allows for parents to have access to their students work in a safe environment, as well as allowing grandparents/aunts/uncles/family members to view the students work on their own computers without it being copied and sent through the mail! 


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