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Equity in Education

This week, it was our groups turn to conduct a “Literature Circle” within our class. The reading, A Vision for 2020: Achieve Equity in Education. A Contribution to Public Discussion of the 2020 Summit Idea by Save our Schools – the national independent advocacy group. April 2008 , discusses the need to have equity among education in Australia. I did an understanding of the ‘Close the Gap program within Australia prior to this reading, which strives to bring the life expectancy. health and education of the Indigenous community to the level of the non-Indigenous community. However, I was surprised that the gap is still quite large, with the article stating “On average, 15 year old Indigenous students are over two years of schooling behind non-Indigenous students in reading, mathematics and science” (p1). These statistics highlight the inequity that is present in Australian Education. To me, this is shocking. Australia is seen, world-wide, as a free, safe and educated nation. If education equity is this poor within Australia, we are not a fully educated nation. 

The article also discusses the inequity between high and low socio-economic status (SES) communities. This is not just in relation to rural and urban areas, but discusses the high and low SES communities in all areas. The article discusses the points of access to resources and the quality of teachers. This is the reason I am currently studying Primary School teaching. I want to eliminate this inequity between low and high SES communities, as well as the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, in the vital area of education. Teachers are the link in these situations. They are the one who will assist the most in closing these gaps and making Australia a more equitable place for education. 

By volunteering in rural Australian schools, in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, as a teacher, or by requesting to be placed in a rural or disadvantage school, you will assisting to close the gap in education, which, I believe, is the first step in achieving equity in Australia.


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