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Week Six: 4.04

Never do Online of that which is better done offline” 

This quote is fabulous. This quote has changed my views on teaching and the way in which it should be approached. In discussing Australia’s equality in Education, this statement was stated by a substitute lecturer, who has inspired me and My Teaching Philosophy. Today, my views have been altered. Lately, I have been unsure in my career path, but this lecturer, and in particular this statement, has helped me overcome some of my doubts. People come into teaching with the desire to teach on the idyllic Eastern Sea-Board, which is understandable. It is a lovely area and I would love to teach on it someday, but I feel my first ‘port of call’ is to those in low socio-economic areas, rural and Indigenous schools. That is where I would like to go. Away from the clutter of the ‘Big Smoke’ and out into the country where the students may not have the best access to teaching staff, teaching resources and facilities to be as ‘appealing’ as the urban schools. I believe that by teaching in these areas would benefit more people than teaching in an urban school. This is what I would like to do. This is where I would like to go, and thanks to this lecturer, I can see some light and that this idea may become reality. 

I have been told, as has many Teachers-In-Training, that technology is the way of the future, we must embrace it, use it in all areas to assist in our teaching as students will connect with it more and be more engaged, and possibly learn more from using technology. This lecturer also stated that if a piece of technology replaces a teacher then that is good, because if that happens the teacher was not a good teacher. She has highlighted that teachers are the key to education, not a computer or a SmartBoard or an iPad, or any other technologies. Students learn through the teacher and their peers. Technology can assist, by all means, but I believe that it should not be the soul focus of a classroom. Teachers should be vibrant and fun and provide students with ‘hands-on’ activities that can be applied to life outside of school. Students want to come to school and have fun. It has been stated that “early childhood experiences have a significant influence on school education” and future attitudes and views on education. 

My Teaching Philosophy has definitely been altered today. Thank you to the lecturer who has assisted me in this realisation that technology is not the ‘be all and end all’ of teaching. We must teach as teachers and only use these new devices when they are appropriate. We must know how to use them and their extremely useful applications, however, we are the ones that will allow the future workers of Australia to learn and to enjoy it.

Use you before you use someone else.


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