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After pondering last weeks discussion on making connections beyond the classroom, I have come to a realisation. Technology has changed the way that we teach. I have spoken to practising teachers, primary aged children, my parents, my friends and my peers, and I have noticed that through the sudden explosion of technology, it has been able to enhance teaching dramatically. After reading the blog of a peer, I realised that teachers are able to use technology to increase their involvement and awareness of the interests of their students. She talks about how technologies, such as Penguin Cam, can allow students to “venture into the unknown” as well as making learning more equitable, as all students are given the opportunity to visit these fantastic and beautiful places in the world. 

This blog highlights that technology plays an important part in the modern world of teaching. Technology is useful and is being made very accessible to primary schools across Australia. I am still nervous about how often to use technology, but in this context, I would be more than happy to use technology, as I can see that it’s extremely beneficial to students’ learning. 



  Jo Wilson wrote @

I think you make a great point about being nervous about using technology for teaching. I wonder is it because we as pre-service teachers are still finding our feet pedagogically and attempting to piece together old and new teaching methodologies? To some extent I see it as what we perceive our teaching should be rather than what it could be. Finding great examples of ICT certainly helps, as there are certainly a lot of mediocre ones out there. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and make the leap…

  pe3amcg wrote @

I think you are correct, Jo. We have not had that much experience in schools or with students in a Primary School setting, therefore, we are facing the unknown. And, the unknown is unnerving and scary!
Dipping a toe into the ocean will only make us less nervous, so, once again, I agree that pre-service teachers must completely submerge themselves into the sea in order to fully understand the gains we can make with technology.

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