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A Digital Excursion? Why not?

I stumbled upon an article that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday 12th March 2012 that I found very relevant to modern Primary Education. “Incursion not excursion in the Interactive Age” discusses the use of Interactive Whiteboards for ‘incursions’, being that of video conferencing and digital excursions. This relates so closely to my Week Seven Post. This article supports all learning that I have participated regarding new technologies in the Primary School sector. It was said in the article, that this concept has great potential to be “absolutely wonderful”. 

But is it better?

Heather Whitely Robertson, from the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA), highlights a huge issue regarding equity in resources and accessibility to resources. She states that regional schools often lack in resources and support, and often cannot fund classes to visit museum, even if they are in their local area. I realised that Video Conferencing and digital excursions provide those regional schools with access to these fantastic resources, such as those that the MCA provides. The Opera House, Musica Viva and Bell Shakespeare are all apart of the movement that the MCA is. They provide digital excursions to schools, workshops and lessons via video conferencing, which I think is wonderful. It would give the teachers the ability to learn with the students and to save money that could be spent on resources to support the learning that is being done in the conferences.

From reading this, my answer to my posed question above would have to be YES!!!! 

By stumbling upon this article, I feel like I have stumbled upon a pot of gold!! The detail and insight that it gives pre-serviced and practicing teacher to the digital age is outstanding. Thank you to both the Sydney Morning Herald and this article for giving teachers and the general public more insight into the new ways of teaching that are approaching the Schooling System at great speed.

NOTE: here is an excellent video by Musica Viva showing how new technological resources can be used for teaching  


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