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Smarties and Teddies at School!

Beginning a third Practical Experience in a school is daunting. I have completed two days at my prac school and I have found it very different from my previous two practicums (which were both at the same school). 

After observing the class and my cooperatingteacher yesterday, I entered the role of ‘teacher’ today. I taught a lesson on chance and I used Smarties. The students absolutely loved this lesson, however, I could not have said enough times that we must not ask when we can eat our Smarties!!!!! That is probably the only downfall of the lesson. The students understood the concept of chance and loved the fact that they were learning with food!!! 

I then taught a lesson which was slightly more challenging. I was teaching the students about adjectives and synonyms. I used two of my old Teddy Bears to engage them and allowed for a personal story to be told. This was successful, according to my cooperating teacher, as it highlighted that I am “human too” not just a teacher to the students. I was not as prepared for this lesson, and was not expecting the students to complete the work so quickly, however, I used silent reading as an ‘extension activity’, which was my saviour!!! 

I have used the Interactive Whiteboard once, during my Smarties lesson, as I placed the questions on the board and wrote words that can be used when discussing chance. The students were not used to hand-writing on the Smartboard, so this interested them as well!!!

I am looking forward to tomorrow and the challenges it may bring!!!



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