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Technology in a Suburan School

Whilst on practicum in a suburban Sydney school, I have noticed that technology is not used as often as described within my Professional Experience class. My cooperating teacher has used the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) was effective as the video was able to be shown to the class and the teacher could pause it and use the mouse to highlight important aspects of the short video. 

As I stated in my previous post, I used the IWB for my lesson using Smarties. As I wrote on the board, the students began to whisper. I turned around asking them to please pay attention, then I overheard one student say, considerably loudly, “Look, when she writes on the board, it goes onto the computer! I didn’t even know you could write on the Smartboard!” I turned around again, but not to ask for silence, but to clarify their amazed stares! 

The school has a computer library with 30 computers and my classroom has 7 computers, but they are not modern. I have not seen or heard of any ICT lessons within the classroom, only the mandoratry weekly computer lessons. 

However, I am still only half way through my first week, so maybe I will be exposed to technology more as the days go on. 


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