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During the weekly assembly at the Primary school in which I am attending for practicum, I was alerted by their new involvement with a Sustainability project! The teacher discussing it was the class teacher for Year 4. I was very surprised and excited to find that the subject of Professional Experience Three is relating more and more to schooling life! Our assignment, due on Sunday 6th May, is focused on the topic of Sustainability. The school has re-named Thursday to ‘Throw Out Thursday’. This is where students are not meant to throw rubbish into the school bins as they are meant to bring reusable or recyclable items in their lunchbox or take home their rubbish.This is to keep their school yard clean and to reduce the amount of rubbish used within the school. I spoke to my co-operating teacher after the assembly, and it was discussed that ‘Throw Out Thursday’ is eventually going to be implemented for all days of the week!! Image


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