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Throughout my practicum, I have seen many excellent lessons that were being taught by my cooperating teacher. One major thing I did notice was that my cooperating teacher never, ever sat the students in their seats and lectured them. She never spoke to them, expecting them to be listening and always absorbing her words. She gave them activities; ways to engage them in learning and to have a more equal learning environment within the classroom. 

After reading a peer’s blog on the concept of the “Flipped Classroom”, I realised that my cooperating teacher was not the only one participating in this movement. My peer stated that ‘Every lesson is authentic and meaningful‘, which was the aim that my cooperating teacher sought whilst teaching. 

This idea stands out within the classroom I was in. My cooperating teacher allowed the students to dictated most lessons, allowing them to tell her how and why they came to conclusions in all Key Learning Areas, especially in Mathematics, English and Visual Arts. My cooperating teacher has shown me that students learn and engage far more with lessons and new concepts when they are able to tell the teacher how they came to an answer or concept, rather than being told how to find the answer. It also helps those who may not fully understand lessons to hear about finding the answer from a peer.

The new way of teaching, the Flipped Classroom, will be (in my opinion) successful. I have seen an excellent teacher teach in a similar way, and the students within that class seemed to be learning new concepts with smiles and participating in all activities and lessons with a skip in their step!


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