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Visual Arts on the Smartboard….

I taught an extremely successful Visual Arts lesson that was inspired by a Facebook post from a fellow pre-serviced teacher. I showed the year three students a work by Andy Goldsworthy. His work, ‘Rowan Leaves and Hole, was created using leaves placed around a hole. His works are transient and this is a valuable concept to teach students (as said by my cooperating teacher). I used the Smartboard to show this image and to highlight the patterns that are visible within it. The students drew over repetition of the leaves to highlight the pattern that is being created. 

This was very successful, as the students were able to engage with the artwork and physically able to show the patterns created within Goldsworthy’s work. 

The students then went onto be inspired by Goldsworthy and create their own transient works within the playground using leaves, bark, stones and sticks. The works were fabulous and I would highly recommend this lesson to immerse students completely in art and to teach them of repetition and how all colours can be found in our environment.



  uksuperiorpapers wrote @

Once again, there is an assumption that everyone has internet access. Not everyone has access to internet -city and rural areas do not have equal opportunity to technology. Many students in rural areas do not internet access at home or they have slow dial-up. Many schools have done away w/studyhalls-so when would students have time to watch these videos? Many rural areas only have 1-2 computer labs and so getting an individual student into them often is difficult. Not everything is still equal in the US.

  pe3amcg wrote @

Thank you for your comment. This is very true. Not all students at my practicum school had access to the internet. They all had internet access in their homes, but it wasn’t always available for them to use (due to older siblings and parents using the internet for work). I believe that schools in Australia are trying very hard to allow all students to have access to the internet and computer, which will enable them to see things that were shown in class whilst they’re at home. The internet and the technology that has been produced along side it opens doors and allows teachers and students to learn more, see more and experience more. It will be an excellent tool for teaching in the near future, once it is all up and running.

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