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Teachers must be educated…

Teachers must, and I mean must, be up to date with their understandings of technology. If a class teacher has little understanding of the technology that is within his or her classroom, then they as a teacher will not suffer, it will be their students who will miss out on learning through these new and exciting avenues.

My cooperating teacher was very good at using the technology which was available to the classroom and the school. The Smartboard was used regularly. It was used for Mathematics lessons, where a short movie would be played to emphasise new concepts such as equivalent fractions and positioning. The Smartboard was also used to show students short-films on play-building and how theatre is constructed, as well as showing the students how to navigate certain internet sites such as ‘Read, Think, Write‘. 

After reading an article called “How to Bring Teachers up to Speed with Technology“, I realised that teachers need to be supported and educated in the field of technology. Bridget McCrea, the author of this article, highlights that if teachers are not supported and taught how to best use technology, then they are most likely to “retreat to their old ways of teaching” which would be a waste of the Government’s money that is being used for education (buying the new and expensive technological items) and is detracting from the opportunity of students to engage in technology and, therefore, engaging in new and exciting experiences that are offered through technology.

As a pre-serviced teacher, I am engaging in classes that teach about technology, how to use it and the benefits it has within the classroom. If you are a practicing teacher and are not up to date, or you are unsure about how to use technology, I highly recommend you learn. Technology can assist you within your classroom. I do not believe in using only technology when teaching, but it can be used to complement your teaching and allows students to hear information in a new way and through a new medium.

I highly recommend that you watch this YouTube video. It is helpful and highlights the important and useful features of Smartboards, which will enable teachers to use Smartboards to benefit them and their students.

Smartboards: Why are they so easy to use?


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