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Video Conferencing in Schools

Whilst on practicum, some teachers went to a school down the road to participate in a video conferencing session on the topic of “Spell-O-drome“. I was unable to attend this, as there was not enough room for me and other pre-serviced teachers, which was very unfortunate. 

My cooperating teacher was unable to attend, however, I spoke to a teacher who did, and he said it was very useful and video conferencing had been done a number of times between schools and other institutes. He said it allowed the teachers to gain the relevant and important information without having to leave their class (to allow them to travel) and it did not extract from time with family and completing work outside of school hours. These conferences took place at 4pm and ran for approximately 1 hour, so as the teacher said, he was not inconvenienced and gain a considerable amount of information out of the sessions.

This is what technology is meant to do. It is meant to assist teachers and students to allow for learning to be improved within the classroom. It is excellent that professional learning conferences can be conducted virtually, as it allows for teachers to complete their work and to be with their class. 


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