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Discussing Practicum within Class

Within our class this week, we discussed our experiences with technology whilst on our school practicums. Many if my peers had excellent experiences with technology on practicum, and by listening to others tales, I realised that my class and my Cooperating teacher did not use the technology at hand in the manner that it was intended for. 

Within my classroom, there were six computers at the back of the room in which students had access to, one computer at the front of the room in which the Interactive WhiteBoard was connected to, and an Interactive WhiteBoard. The Interactive Whiteboard was used on a few occasion which I witnessed and believe were very educational and useful for teaching, such as through Mathematics lessons where it was used to show a video to complement a previously discussed Maths concept. The Interactive Whiteboard was also used to enhance Play-Building within the classroom and was used for a Video Conference on Spell-O-Drome. However, these were the only times I saw technology being used for educational purposes whilst on practicum and I thought that my peers would be in a similar boat to me, but I was wrong. 

There were people within my class who had excellent experiences with using technology within their classrooms while on practicum. One of my peers in particular had a great experience. She was in close contact with a “technology expert” and she highlighted to my peer, who shared this experience with us, that the Interactive Whiteboard can be used everyday without too many challenges. This teacher would allow her students to come and create Notebook files, and this enabled them to have a deeper understanding of technology.

It was mentioned within my class that the Interactive Whiteboard promotes collegiality and connections between students, teachers and parents. Teachers can use technology to inspire students, such as welcoming them to a day with an inspirational quote or a video to begin the day. 

Interactive Whiteboards can be lead to “poor didactic teaching”, as quoted by my lecturer. However, she continues by saying that technology can be a tool for greatness, and we as pre-serviced teachers must embrace it.


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