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An Eye-Opener about Technology in Classrooms…

While I sat in my class the other day, I was asked a question that my peers were also asked to answer. “Do you download music from the internet?” Do you? Think about that question, just like my peers and I did when we were asked it. We were then asked another question. “Would you copy an Educational Program CD for your students, even though it has Government Copy Right Laws attached?” Would you?

Downloading Music and copying an educational program both breach Australian Copy Right Laws. As pre-service teachers, training to one day enter our own classroom, we must set examples for our students. If we illegally copy a program, then we are showing our students that breaking the Law is acceptable. It most certainly is not acceptable, and we need to be role models for our future students. 

As teachers, we must hold our values and our ethics close to us, to ensure that we stand by them. By teaching by our values and ethics, you will be teaching in a manner in which you feel comfortable with. 

Teachers have a responsibility for their students within the class, and their school. Technology is a new gateway for bullying, identify theft and access to new information. Teachers must teach their students on Cyber-Safety and have an understanding about Cyber-Space themselves, in order to help protect and teach their students about how to be safe on the Internet. The Government website, Cyber-Smart, has programs for students from Early Stage One through to Stage Five that help address issues regarding Cyber-Space. These can be used during Staff Meetings, during parent meetings or during class time with students.

Teachers must be aware of Cyber-Space and ethical behaviours. By teaching your students ethical behaviour and about how to handle Cyber-Space, you are helping them to stay safe in the future. 


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