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New Technologies in the Classroom…

Technology is becoming more and more involved within our lives. This is visible through the media and accessing Social Networking sites, through the new devices to assist us in our lives and through ways to gather information. If technology is taking over our lives, then it must be starting to work its way into our classrooms. 

Electronic books and mobile phones are becoming more and more prevalent in society, and students have got an increased access to these items. It was found in the Horizon Report 2011 Edition that some schools are embracing the idea of using these technologies within the classroom. Many schools, according to this report, as using technologies to assist in learning. I believe that this is an excellent idea, if the technology doesn’t become the focus of the lesson. Many students already have an understanding of how these items work and can be used, so teachers won’t have to spend as long with technical issues and will be able to teach. It was found within an article written by Jamillah Knowles, that children are using technology from a young age. Through a case study on an 8 month old baby in England and her mother, the article found that the 8 month old child knows “which button to press to make the screen light up, and she will do this incessantly in regards to her mother’s I-phone. The child uses this as teething toy and “doesn’t know what to do” with real teething toys in which her parents have bought her. 

If children know how to use technology from the age of 8 months, then by the time they begin Primary School they should have a pretty good understanding of how it works and how to use technology to learn. 

There are going to be advantages and, of course, disadvantages when talking about incorporating new technologies into our classrooms, as nothing comes without negative attributes. It was discussed within my class that technology in classrooms allows for instantaneous access to information and the technology is portable and pieces of work or information can be stored on a “Cloud”, allowing it to be access from other devices. However, technology can be dangerous, especially the internet. Teachers need to be careful and teach their students about internet safety before engaging and entering the online world. Technology can also be unreliable, so if using it, teachers need to have a hard copy of their lesson or a back-up plan for technology failure!! 


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