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In class last week…

In class last week, out tutor introduced the class to a funny-little device. It is known as a ‘Response Card’, which is similar to an automatic voting system. Each class member received one of these little devices and we were asked a series of questions in which we had to answer using the ‘Response Card’. 

It was found (using this voting system) that 100% of the class used ICT whilst on practicum this year. I was not surprised at this result, as technology is becoming a large aspect of teaching. However, 77% of the class were confident in using this technology, meaning that 23% were not. I was a part of that 23%!!! I wish I wasn’t but I was! I was able to use the Interactive Whiteboard, but it was not my strong point on practicum. In the school I was attending, the IWB was the only technology available to the class (besides computers). 


Technologies, such as the i-Pad are being introduced to Primary Schools across Australia. I did not get to experience this, and neither did my peers, however i-Pads are being introduced at a rate that is slowly increasing. 
Ringwood North Primary School in Victoria trialed i-Pads in 2010 for 136 Year 4 and 5 students. This is occurring across Australia, and hopefully items such as the i-Pad and the ‘Response Card’ are introduced in classrooms, as they support teaching and I think they would benefit student learning. 


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