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Re-Visiting the ‘Response Card’

The ‘Response Card‘ was discussed in a post only a few days ago, however, I would like to draw on it again! It was used within all classes in the subject and it was interesting to see other’s opinions on it. 

I found the ‘Response Card’ to be an excellent tool to engage students in a lesson. I would use it to teach graphs within Mathematics as well as teaching about percentages. I may also use it in situations where anonymous voting is needed, such as the Student Representative for the class. However, I would not use this tool for a whole lesson. It would be an introductory tool to engage students and heighten the excitement of the lesson, as I would (most likely) be introducing something they have not used or ‘played with’. 

A peer supported me in believing that the ‘Response Card’ would be useful in engaging students and a “wonderful classroom activity“. When she states a ‘classroom activity’, I don’t know whether she means as an introductory tool, or to use it as the actual activity within the classroom. I asked her this question, and have not received a response yet. I will let you know if I do get a response! 
This blog post also supports my idea of using it in various ways. However, she thought of using it across all KLA’s, which had slipped my mind!!! Using it for English and to test a few basic skills (reading and listening) as well as using it as a culminating activity to see if students understand a topic are other great uses for the ‘Response Card’. 


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  pe3amcg wrote @

I just received a reply from my peer. She believed that the ‘Response Card’ could be used for gaining class opinion, and her main view was that the cards could be used as a whole class activity. I support her, and she agreed with my idea that ‘Response Cards’ could be used for an introduction to a lesson, topic or the beginning of the year/term.

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