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QR Coding?


This is an example of a QR Code

QR coding. Do you know what that is? I didn’t until I entered my final class for Professional Experience! According to Terrence O’Brien, a QR code is used for “encoding information in a two dimensional space“. QR Codes are unusual, and I have seen them throughout society, such as in the Real-Estate section of the local paper, accompanying advertisements on bus shelter’s and even on certain food packaging. 

Our tutor stated that these QR codes can be used extremely well within a classroom. How you ask? And how I asked too!
She stated that students have used them on orientation day to take tours of their ‘new school’. I found this fascinating, and I feel that students that are touring a school, no matter their age, will enjoy using QR codes to find their way through the school. It is engaging and involved technology, in which they have most likely been using from a young age.
After participating in an activity to create our own QR code (i-Phones or i-Pads were used for this exercise), I can see the benefit of the QR codes. We used it to create a ‘Treasure Hunt’ within the University and each QR code gave the participants directions to the next location and new QR code.
I am now able to see where these new technological codes can be used. It is able to be used in Mathematics to teach students of direction (steps, compass directions, left and right, in front, behind etc), it can be used within an literacy lesson to teach of language and to test skills (such as having a QR code for a word, then students are to find the definition, synonym, etc) and it could be used for randomisation, being that students could chose or be assigned a QR code and then discover their topic, image, equation etc to enable them to draw, right or problem solve answers. 

QR Codes can be created using Applications on the i-Phone and i-Pad, and I would highly recommend using this as a practical activity for students, as it will engage them in the lesson and develop a further love for learning and better understanding of technology.

Here is an example of a QR Code that was created within our class. It was created by two of my Peer’s and I believe it was the most successful in our class.

Curiosity killed the Cat= QR codes


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